Energy Cut: The Trichotherapy

Test the benefits of an Energy Cup in Périgueux in Dordogne (24) thanks to trichotherapy


What is trichotherapy?

the treatment of the hairdresser-energetician allows our body to detoxify. Like perspiration, urine, stools or tears, hair has a purifying role. The energy cut is not a simple haircut, it is a real treatment acting on the emotions of the individual. It allows blood stimulation and regulates capillary imbalances.

A new tool reinvents the hairstyle.
The TANTO small Japanese sword offers a very specific holistic haircut.
Method endowed with an intelligence enhancing the profession.
A major innovation.

This specific cutting technique releases capillary toxins, energizes vital energy & stimulates the cranial meridians.
It offers a visible result of shine, volume & light on the hair.

Trichotherapy, the benefits of an energy cut in Périgueux in Dordogne (24).


Loaded with stress and toxins, the hair loses its shine, its vitality ...
This energetic treatment offers Volume, Shine and Light to your hair:


Your hair is instantly transformed ! Immediate healthy glow effect !

This energetic haircut :
  • Boosts your vital energy
  • Releases capillary toxins
  • Stimulates hair bulbs
  • Activate the (re) growth

Private session Duration: 1h30

Do you want any information on the performance of an energy cut by our professionals? Do not hesitate any longer and call us. We will explain the course of the trichotherapy session to you.

A moment of relaxation just for you ...




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